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Introducing our “Imperfect Prints” collection – where imperfection meets opportunity! We believe in embracing the quirks and flaws that make us unique, and our 3D prints are no exception.

Life isn’t always perfect, and neither are our creations. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have value. In fact, we’re proud to offer these prints at a discount, not only to limit waste but also to celebrate the beauty in imperfection.

Each print in this collection may have minor defects or inconsistencies, but they still hold the potential to inspire and delight. Whether it’s a slightly skewed design, a small blemish, or a quirky anomaly, these prints have character and charm that set them apart.

By purchasing from our “Imperfect Prints” collection, you’re not just getting a discounted item – you’re making a statement. You’re choosing to embrace imperfection, to celebrate uniqueness, and to support sustainability. Because in a world where perfection is often pursued at all costs, sometimes it’s the imperfect things that truly stand out.

Join us in redefining beauty and value – one imperfect print at a time.






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Imperfect Prints, Broken Bone Dragon, Mooshed Midgard Serpent, Fire Dragon broken egg, Broken Wing Blue Orange, Defective wing Red/orange, Almost Dodo, Defective Wing Purple Green, Broken Wing Black Red, 1 arm short Black Pink, Baby Rock Dragon 99%, Baby Rock Dragon Back Problems, Unfinished Friends


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